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Dedicated to The Growth of Your Business
Our Main Focus at Online Marketing Real Estate is to
Empower Real Estate Professionals with Proven Strategies
Guaranteed to Increase Lead Generation, Quality and Conversion
We're Here to Make
Online Marketing Easy
There are so many outlets through which you can connect with
individuals and share how your business can benefit them.

Which are the best ones ?
In order to determine that, you would have to spend
hours researching each website's effectiveness in
allowing you to connect with leads and convert them
into actual clients with closed transaction.

Our team has already put in the back-breaking effort in
tracking client conversion rates and studying the algorithms
each website uses to maximize marketing exposure...
 and we want to share this information with you ☺
How Can We Be of Service ?
When we have a specific targeted list leads to approach,
we follow a strategic sequence of letters, postcards and phone
  calls that are designed to build rapport and gain credibility.
The basic axiom of success in real estate is:
"It is Not Who You Know, It is Who Knows You..
& Who Knows You Well Enough to
Trust You with Their Business."
Here are some of the other key principles we like to follow:

Your Network is Your Net Worth
Even if a lead does not convert into a closed transaction, we still maintain relations which brings referrals
Nurture Relationships
with Mail Campaigns
The key to success in marketing is the provide more value upfront, which is easily done with mail campaigns
Track Your Lead-to-Close Ratios
Know the # leads, # mailers, # of responses, # of appointments, # of closings, $ revenue generated, $ net profit
Create Systems that
Attract Quality Clientele
Our marketing is designed to target only the highest quality properties, buyers or lenders.. the ones who meet certain criteria and are easy to work with
Develop Instant Rapport & Credibility with Clients
Can you blame someone for googling your name and company after receiving a letter from you ? Make sure that if someone googles your name and company, 
they find something good.
Show Potential Increases
In Their Bottom Line
Everyone wants to know.. WIIFM
"What's In It For Me?" What impels clients to work with us is our ability to show them how much $Value$ we can provide
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